Www.ancestry.ca Website Review & Ratings + Ancestry.ca Coupons
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Www.ancestry.ca Website Review & Ratings + Ancestry.ca Coupons

Ancestry.ca: Products & Services

Ancestry.ca is part of a global network of ancestry sites where you can search through over 10 billion records to find your ancesters.

New additions to this site include

Ancestry.ca: Company Background

Ancestry.ca was founded  in January 2006 to give people accurate leads to discover their family history through geneology.

The company has acquired and digitized billions of records from around the world so customers can organize their findings into an online family tree and upload old documents and photographs. They can find relatives they never knew they had through this website.

Ancestry.ca: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Review of Ancestry online service from the epinions website.

I ended up with a one-year membership of Ancestry.com when I purchased Family Tree Maker software about 14 months ago.I started browsing through the site and was almost immediately hooked.Within minutes I had discovered relatives I did not know existed and started to fill in the blanks in my family tree.

The customer service on this site has been exceptional. I lost my password at one point and they went all out to help me get a new one and back on the site.Their customer service representative are helpful and friendly and very quick to respond.I am totally addicted to geneology and Ancestry.com has done more to help me along my way any other site I have found.

Customer reviews from the Obituaries Help website

I have been researching my family history for years but when I signed up and started their free trial I knew I was going to buy a membership.In the first few minutes of searching I cam across so many records that had valuable information about my family. Gwen

Finding all these records conventiently in one place was well worth the price of the subscription.I bought world deluxe and it has been worth every penny.Elizabeth

Ancestry.ca: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Ancestry.com,the parent company of Ancstry.ca has been an accredited BBB business since 03/08/2010 with a top rating of A+.This has been awarded due to the length of time the business has been operating,the volume of complaints filed for a business of this size and the resolution of these complaints.

Ancestry.com and its affiliate companies around the world are regularly featured on various websites and is the top family history research site globally.

Ancestry.ca: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa has given Ancestry.com a global ranking of 632 with 19,155 sites linking in.The global rankings on Alexa are

  • Canada 277
  • US 153
  • Norway 237
  • New Zealand 275
  • Ireland 422
  • Australia 477
  • Belgium 867
  • UK 879
  • Germany 3,635
  • India 9,763

The popularity of this site is increasing with visitors yesterday 0.123% (+ 9%),7 days 0.124% (+ 21%),3 months 0.1133% (+1.2%)

Goggle has given Ancestry.com a page ranking of 7 out of 10.

Ancestry.ca: Social Media Presence

Ancestry.ca has its own facebook page with 1,953 likes and 47 people talking about the site.There are recent posts from the company sharing news of the 2012 Canadian olympic team and posts as recent as 4 hours ago from folloiwers.

Ancestry.ca has just joined Twitter and currently has 124 followers but no tweets from the company.

Ancestry.ca does not have its own blog but it does have a learning center where you can find many tips and advice as well as monthly newsletters.

Ancestry.ca: Website Security & Safety

This site is secure although the google diagnostic test brought up no information.

Ancestry.ca is committed to protecting customers'privacy and only asks for personal information which efficiently provides them with the information they are looking for.

Ancestry.com and all their affiliate sites use Card Verification Value Codes (CW2) for online purchases and use 128-bit secure lockets layer encryption when customers purchase subscriptions,place orders and upgrade credit card details in order to protect their information and credit cards.Their security certificate was issued by Equifax Secure.

Ancestry.ca: Pricing & Packages

There is a 14 day trial membership which is free of charge.After the two week-trial membership fees are as follows:

Canada De Luxe 1 Month $14.95 per month,3 months £12.95 per month,12 months $9.95 per month

World De Luxe 1 month $29.95 per month,3 months $27.95 per month,12 months $24 per month.

You can cancel or subscribe to membership at any time by clicking on to My Account or telephoning 1-800-958-9073

Ancestry.ca: Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no shipping rates for Ancestry.ca as everything is done online and you print out your own documents and photographs.

All the papers you need to compile your family tree are provided online within your membership fee after the two week free trial membership and there are no extra handling charges.

Ancestry.ca: Payment Methods Accepted

The easiest way to subscribe to Ancestry.ca is online using a credit card, they also now accept PayPal.

If you are a US resident or work in the US they will accept a US check or money order and Ancestry.uk will accept a UK direct debit.

At the moment they cannot accept International checks or money orders.

Ancestry.ca: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There is no refund policy as members can cancel their subscription at any time and are not tied into any contract although they do sign up for one,three or twelve month subscriptions.They just click on to their account and cancel their subscription,if a customer takes out a year's subscription and wishes to cancel it is best to telephone the company and discuss it with them.

If after the free trial customers are not certain if they wish to join it is best to take out a one month or 3 month subscription as they can always upgrade but if they do take out a 12 month subscription there may not be a refund if they decide it is not for them.

Ancestry.ca: Product images & screenshots
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I cancelled my merbership with ancestry.ca and they continued to bill me.  When I called them I was told that they they would not refund my money if i could not provde the confirmation number that they never sent me.  I even offered to send them a screen shot of my browser catch.  I searchd online and found that many other people have been decived and there was even a class action lawsuit.

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